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Oregon's 2009 NFL Draft Summary

Congratulations to the following Ducks that have been selected in the 2009 NFL Draft. Big ups to Nick Reed especially who conquered the odds and went in the 7th round, despite not having that typical NFL body. Sometimes having that motor helps and it will be good to see him remain local. I was also very surprised to have 3 Ducks go in the Top 50 of the draft. That's awesome and hasn't happened before. All of these teams should be competing for playoff spots next year as well. Great job guys!

-- Patrick Chung to New England: 2nd Round, 34th overall

-- Jairus Byrd to Buffalo: 2nd Round, 42nd overall

-- Max Unger to Seattle: 2nd Round, 49th overall

-- Fenuki Tupou to Philadelphia: 5th Round, 159th overall

-- Ra'Shon Harris to Pittsburgh: 6th Round, 205th overall

-- Nick Reed to Seattle: 7th Round, 247th overall