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Morning Quack Fix: 4.30.09

There's no debate, we all like the smell of Quack in the morning.

Of course, the biggest Quack should come later today...and ATQ wi'll have the front page update and pertinent info when Chip Kelly announces the hiring of a new QB coach. Some of the speculation has centered around Colorado offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich, but we know Kelly has interviewed at least six candidates.

I can't believe they're getting rid of Mike Bellotti.

  • It's strange, the word on Jeremiah Masoli this spring. We've heard Chip say he's been inconsistent. We've heard about Walter Thurmond snatching Masoli's passes in practice. Behold, this morning we have Rob Moseley's feature article on the Duck QB, immediately proclaiming Masoli has been "awesome" this spring.
  • Masoli for Heisman? Jeremiah tells Jason Vondersmith he isn't listening.
  • John Hunt of The Oregonian went a little Quack crazy yesterday: He reminds us the Walter Thurmond is the man; he provides a spring game preview of the offensive line; and he reports on Wednesday's "dizzying" practice.
  • This is open for debate: ESPN's Ted Miller responds to a question posed by the guys over at CGB by saying the Pac-10 should drop it's round-robin football schedule.

    I'll start... That's crap Ted. It's the BCS system that's the problem, not the Pac-10's willingness to take five extra losses each year. It's the BCS that needs to get fixed and the Pac-10 commissioner's office needs to do an about face and take the lead in pushing for a playoff system that will ensure Pac-10 teams get a fair opportunity at post-season representation. Pie in the sky you say? Whatever funny man, make me a bicycle.
  • Everything you need to know about Saturday's Spring Game and Fan Festival is right here.
  • Other sports news: The Oregon men's golf team matched their best finish ever at the Pac-10 tournament. Pac-10 baseball may be moving toward a conference tournament. For some reason the Oregon men's track team was leapfrogged by Florida, who now is ranked #1 by the USTFCCCA...Tim Tebow must have joined the track team.