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Morning Quack Fix: 4.6.09

What a great time of the year. Spring practice is in full swing, baseball starts today (no, yesterday doesn't count), and we got a national championship game tonight. Let's get to the quack:

  • The Oregon baseball team was able to snag a game on Friday, but dropped both weekend games to Stanford. Oregon rallied in the 7th yesterday to bring the deficit to 4-3, but ended up falling 6-3.
  • In spring football notes, Andy McNamara gives us some notes on the first week. Sounds like WT3 is absolutely tearing it up (let's not forget he's finally fully healthy), and the offensive and defensive lines seem to be doing nicely. Also, Rob Moseley talked to Jerry Azzinaro about UO Strength Coach Jim Radcliffe. Azzinaro says that the Oregon D-line is in better shape that any spring line he's seen. They may not have the strength of other programs, but they are in shape, and explosive.
  • Duck Sports Authority has a video interview with Mike Bellotti on Jeremiah Masoli. He says that Masoli is still growing, learning to read defenses and become more consistent and throwing the ball downfield. He made great progress in these areas during the season, and is making more progress now. Needless to say, I'm excited to see where this is going.
  • Lastly, in recruiting news, sounds like Oregon in near the top of the list for two Florida defensive players. We've said it before, but it's great to see Oregon go national in the recruiting search, and especially delve into the south. It says a lot about the program that it can actually compete for players all over the country.

As always, stick around and leave your comments. And enjoy the baseball today! GO DUCKS!