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Open Thread: Spring Game and Related Festivites

Note: I'm launching this open thread a little early as a reminder that we've got a party going on!

The spring game is here and we've got all kinds of things going on. ATQ members will be down at Autzen, hitting up some BBQ and enjoying the fan festivities being put on by the University of Oregon. We should have a laptop available from the tailgate to let people give some live thoughts and hopefully get some good pub for the blog. If you are out and about at the game, feel free to stop by the tailgate going on in the parking lot. We should have a location available in this thread once we get all set up, starting at around 9am PST. We "may" be giving away a prize or two for those that stop by. Also, if you want to join in on the BBQ, bring some protein to throw on the BBQ and we'll grill it up. We will most likely be sitting in section 32, about halfway up under the cover in case of rain. We'll try to have an ATQ sign but if you contact me through email beforehand, we can work out a way to make sure ATQ folks get hooked up.

Note, if you're planning on heading to the game, make sure you bring 3 cans of food and a $2 for donation to the Todd Doxey foundation (to get your parking pass).

The game will be on Comcast Sports Net and the Oregon Broadcasting Network (radio) starting at about 2pm. The baseball game will be happening before that, starting at 11am. We may not win the baseball game but I'm pretty sure we've got a shot at winning the football game.