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Morning Quack Fix: 5.12.09

How do you like your morning quack?  I take mine with coffee.  Lots of coffee.  Black.  Enjoy. 

  • Ron Bellamy writes about the Kamyron Brown transfer, including quotes from Brown, who appears to be taking it as well as can be expected.  Brown cites a desire for more playing time as his sole reason for transferring.  Though, if the Armstead rumors are true, someone was going to be forced out as the Ducks were already at their scholarship limit.  Still, I have to respect Kamyron for the way he's handling it and for sticking around last year after his close friend Drew Viney transferred.  It's too bad it didn't work out.
  • Wazzu completed a sweep of Oregon in baseball yesterday, routing the Ducks 10-2.  The Ducks are on a five-game losing streak, and things don't look to improve much as the Ducks head to take on conference-leading ASU on Friday.
  • In football news, Nick Daschel of Buster Sports lists the top six centers heading into next season. Shocking, I know, but Oregon does not make the top six.  Jordan Holmes is listed in the "Others to Watch" section -- along with the players from the three other schools (UCLA, Stanford and Cal) that did not make the top six. 
  • Jon Wilner, of the Mercury News, blogs about the projected finish to next year's football season.  Oregon comes in at three, though he mentions that it' was a close pick between the Ducks and Cal for #2.  OSU fans, on the otherhand, may have more of a bone to pick after being picked fifth, behind UCLA. 
  • In softball news, junior Neena Bryant and freshman Samantha Skillingstad were named to the All-Pac-10 Second and Freshman teams, respectively.  Congrats to Bryant, who has earned at least second-team conference honors in all three of her years here at Oregon. 

As always, post any thoughts or comments below.

Go Ducks!