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Morning Quack Fix: 5.19.09

Good morning Duck fans.  Let's get straight to the fix:

  • Nick Daschel runs down the top 10 linebackers in the Pac-10 (1-5 and 6-10).  Casey Mathews comes in at #6 and Spencer Paysinger is listed as a guy who could make the list by November.  I know I have mentioned this before, but I am really looking forward to watching how our linebacking crew play and develop.  
  • Mike Huguenin (of has a list of 10 "known" players who will move in to starring roles this season.  LeGarrette Blount is the only Pac-10 player to make the list.  And, a note that should get you excited about what a healthy, in-shape Blount could do next year: In 2008, Blount was limited to only 10.1 carries per game.  I know people claim that Blount feasted on tired defenses serving as Jeremiah's backup -- but, I can't wait to see what kind of production Blount can give us with what should be close to twice as many carries. 
  • Ted Miller argues against those who claim the Pac-10 might be down next year as he lists five early questions for the Pac-10.  And, Oregon could play a role in a providing positive answers for the conference in all five questions.
  • Anne Peterson has an AP story up on the proposed Rooney Rule that is currently working its way through the Oregon legislature.  In case you missed the details, the rule would not be limited to including minority candidates in head football coach searches, but would include searches in all sports, as well as for the athletic director position.  
  • After this weekend's sweep of the Pac-10 outdoor track championships, George Schroeder writes about the men's team quest to complete the triple crown, with national championships in cross country, indoor and outdoor.  And, Oregon is favored to win the outdoor national champtionship next month -- which would complete the feat.

As always, post your comments and any links I missed below.


Go Ducks!