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Come Join Us At Autzen!

Autzen Stadium 10:45 a.m. -

If you're joining the festivities today, be sure to stop by the unofficial ATQ tent. dvieira and I are set up with on the first row on the left side of entrance #5, just outside the stadium's main entrance. Look for a green Oregon tent and some star-shaped balloons just one row back from the mostly empty handicap parking area.

We have food. We have cold adult beverages for the 21+ ATQ folks. We're also signing up any ATQers who show their face at the tent for a chance at a giveaway of the iPod Shuffle that we won at the LaCrosse game. Not an ATQ member? Sign up today and we'll include you in the giveaway drawing.


Seriously, we'd like to meet a few of you.

JShufelt - I have some Jdraft waiting in the cooler for you pal.