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Chris Harper to transfer: Let's just take a deep breath...

As you've most likely heard, Chris Harper is transferring, joining Justin Roper and Aaron Pflugrad in leaving the program after spring ball. The collective overreaction has begun. But let's slow down people. These things have all happened for logical reasons. Chris Harper was homesick and wasn't going to be playing QB for Oregon, and would wasn't even on the post spring two-deep. Roper was far from home as well, and was considering a change in major. Furthermore, he'd only be playing due to injury, and would likely be facing constant competition from Nate Costa and Darron Thomas. Pflugrad's dad was let go from the team. All of these players would have to work very hard and get some breaks to get consistent playing time. So, while these may come as surprises, they aren't when you break down the circumstances.

These are no reasons to flip out. People got beat out for spots, and saw little reason to ride the bench in Oregon. There isn't much more that you can read into it from this.

But that's not what you're going to hear. All we'll hear from the media and the internet voices is innuendo that this is indicative of something larger. Much like we had to hear about a quarterback curse, we'll have to hear about how Chip Kelly is losing it, without any evidence, or even any reason why Oregon fans should think that things may be amiss in Eugene. Attitude remains high, and the spring was good.

Overall, there's no reason to fret at either QB or WR, where we still have a ton of talent at those positions, and should be able to continue on admirably even with 2007 level injury rates. So, everyone just take a deep breath and don't worry.

[UPDATE] Chip Kelly has spoken out about the transfers. Depth this year will likely not be affected by these moves, but it does make recruiting, especially at QB. in 2010 that much more important. Here are a few Kelly quotes.

On meeting with the players:

I've met with everybody - we'll see,I think everybody knows where they stand. I didn't want any of them to transfer, but if they're not happy not being the No. 1 guy at that position, then I can't predict how that's going to happen.

On the number of remaining quarterbacks:

We want to have five at quarterback and never less than four, and we're at four [if you include incoming recruit Daryle Hawkins]. [...]  I feel real confident in Jeremiah, Nate and Darron Thomas at quarterback, and I really like our receivers. ... We'll just go out and recruit next year and fill those spots.