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Morning Quack Fix: Track Edition

Good morning everyone. It's track day here on the Quack Fix. With regionals completed, Oregon looks ready to go heading into the NCAA championships, which are June 10-13 at the University of Arkansas. Let's get to it:

  • First off, here's the press release from the University. Oregon advanced 23 individuals to the championships, 12 men and 11 women. Though Oregon finished second overall, this meet was about getting the pieces together to make a run at the national title in a few weeks, and they are set up to do just that. Vin Lanana said of their chances, "I think that's how you have to coach a track and field team -- to be in position that if you catch fire, it can happen. I think we're in great position from that perspective."
  • George Schroeder continues the coverage with a piece on Galen Rupp. Rupp ran hard in the 1,500m, and PR'd and finished 2nd in that event, even though it was not his forte, and was entirely unecessary to get to the finals. But it was also likely the last time he will have run at Hayward Field for the Oregon Ducks. For a kid that arrived a few years ago with incredible hype, he has lived up to it and then some. 
  • In random football news, Purdue, who Oregon plays Sept 12th, was listed as the 94th ranked team in the country by the New York Times. Check out the article for a nice capsule on our future opponent. Also, the Jeremiah Masoli hype train continues, with EDSBS titling him the Haka-Tebow.
  • Lastly, around the Pac-10, everyone is flipping about the USC non-investigation. Rickert players grumpy old man, and calls out from his rocking chair, "Why does justice never happen to USC, those durn cheating whippersnappers?" I'm sorry, but I could seriously care less about all of this. The NCAA is an entirely worthless institution, so USC is smart to not do any talking, especially considering there is little actual evidence against them, besides the word of one guy, at least, that's what Paragon claims.

As always, leave your opinions, links, or both in the comments. GO DUCKS!