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Morning Quack Fix: Braxton Lane signs with Rangers, George Uko looks at Oregon

The quack is a bit late today, but it's still quack.

  • The big news is that Braxton Lane signed with the Texas Rangers, and will not be coming to Oregon for either baseball or football. While this isn't great news, I had thought that chances of Lane playing football at Oregon were quite slim. He hadn't played football in a year, and was a very promising baseball player. While I believe most of us were focused on his football prospects, he would have been much more important to the baseball team. Good luck to Braxton with the Rangers.
  • DuckTerritory hasn't been around long, but they sure are pumping out a lot of good recruiting info. They have a few good pieces out today. The first of which covers George Uko, the 15th rated defensive tackle in the country. DuckTerritory is reporting his top 5 schools as "Oregon, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Cal and USC." Uko attented the Oregon coaches half day camp this weekend, and he came away impressed. He also met UO commit Curtis White, who could also play on the D-line. I would love to see those two anchoring the defensive line for the next few years. Uko will be officially visiting Oregon this fall, but had plenty of good things to say about Cal and others, so we'll just have to wait and see.
  • In other recruiting news, it sounds like the Ducks are starting to recruit two more players. One to QB Bryan Bennett, who isn't an elite prospect, but a very solid one. With a coaches like Helfrich and Kelly teaching him, he could grow into a very very good college QB. Also on the Ducks rader is the #2 receiver in the state of Oregon, Booker Wells. The 6'1" 180 track star has come out of nowhere (only has 1* on scout), due mainly to injury problems. But those problems, he says, have helped him to become a more well-rounded person, something that is always a good thing. Wells sounds like he's one of those under the rader recruits that could do great things, so it'll be interesting to see how things play out during his senior year.
  • Lastly, ESPN insider is counting down Mark Schlabach's pre-season top 25 with in-depth analysis. Yesterday they looked at Boise State at #14, and today they'll be looking at Cal.
  • Also, I'm getting incredibly tired of people not thinking about basic issues, but just trying to stir up controversy. Besides the ridiculous "Will Oregon stay healthy" debates, which could be applied to any team in the freaking nation, we get this other crap from Ted Miller regarding player transfers and Tonio Celotto. What's especially mind-numbing about this article is that it totally misses the fact that Tonio tried to get back onto the football team, but was turned down because he was behind academically. If you're going to try and stir up controversy, at least get the facts right.