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Morning Quack Fix: Michael Clay, Mike Riley, and overrated Utes?

73 days before the quack is plentiful and we never want again. Here's what's out there after the weekend.

  • DuckTerritory has another interview with an incoming Oregon lineback, this time with Michael Clay, who is already on campus preparing for his first year of Division 1 football. Oregon also looks to be visited at some point by Cal de-commitment and #5 DT in the country Cassius Marsh.
  • Buster Sports is continuing their countdown of top Pac-10 coaches of the last 50 years, and has Mike Riley at #10. I'm sure this is bound to stir up some controversy. While I am very impressed with what Riley has done, I think that he has to do a few things before being a top 10 coach. He has never reached an upper level bowl game, with his best years resulting in the Sun Bowl. And in the biggest game of his coaching career, his team was blown at at home by 27. Not to take away from what Riley has done, but I think this ranking is simply a case of being enamored with the present and overlooking the accomlishments of past coaches.
  • JazzyUte over at BlockU asks if Utah is overrated. I tend to agree with Matt Hinton's assessment that Utah will have a very hard time replacing all that it lost from last season's great team. JazzyUte, not surprisingly, takes a more optimistic approach, but hopefully Utah does a great job in the MWC this year after getting smoked in Autzen.
  • USC hired a new basketball coach over the weekend, getting Arizona reject Kevin O'Neill. The boys over at Conquest Chronicles don't seem too pleased about the hire. O'Neill was not one of USC's top choices, and this definitely seems to be a case of settling, though, USC is not a basketball power, and this may be the best they could hope for.
  • Phil Steele is continuing his preview with Cal coming in at #9. Here's a link to his magazine preview of Cal.

That's all for now. If you find anything, leave it in the comments! GO DUCKS!