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Media Wednesday - It's Politically Correct To Hate on Oregon's Uniforms...I Like Them!

We began our yearly makeover yesterday with the announcement of a new set of uniforms for the 2009 season. I'm probably in the minority of Duck fans who just likes all Oregon fashions. I don't care if it has wings, diamond plating, flames, monster trucks, transformers symbols, references to the movie Scarface, I want it all if it has something to do with Oregon. Even though most in the media, and even my fellow members of Duck Nation, are quick to pass negative judgement on these new uniforms, there is one man at ESPN that refuses to give in to this temptation. I give you a clip from November 2008, the week of the Arizona game. A black helmet was sent to the ESPN studios, proving to be an indicator of things to come.

"Who else's uniforms do people talk about these days?"