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Morning Quack Fix: Oregon's 'Rooney Rule' To Become Law?

No, it's not as sexy as a Quack fight breaking out over new uniforms, but ESPN's Ted Miller has reported that Oregon's version of the "Rooney Rule" will soon become law. The bill applies to all state universities and was passed 52-0 by the State Senate. It's now in the hands of Governor Ted Kulongoski, who is expected to make Oregon the first state to enact such a law.

Detractors may argue that forcing universities to interview minorities doesn't really address the fundamental issues at work. For his part, Miller seems to think it's a good move for the state. Check out his story.

In other Quack news:

  • Sure the ATQ poll about the new unis was predictably lopsided. However, another poll suggests that Oregon fans are a nation divided when it comes the football duds.
  • The R-G's video from the new uniform press conference in case you're tired of still pictures.
  • Tony at catches up with Duck receiver Blake Cantu. I thought the young receiver was impressive in the spring game and it wouldn't shock me if he finds some playing time this season.
  • It's time for Eugene to shine once again as the four-day U.S. Track & Field Championships get underway. One of several questions asked by the Oregonian's Ken Goe: Will Galen Rupp take it to another level?
  • From Steve Irvin at the R-G - Three of Oregon's women golfers have advanced at the Oregon Amateur Championships.