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Morning Quack Fix: Mike Bellotti takes over, Ashton Eaton, and new recruits on campus

It was actually a fairly busy weekend for Duck news, so let's get to it.

  • Mike Bellotti becomes the Athletic Director on Wednesday, and the George Schroeder of the Register Guard has a long piece on the state of the department and how Bellotti will handle his duties. Despite all that Pat Kilkenny accomplished, there were rumblings around the department that the family environment was gone in pursuit of the almighty dollar. While I think that Kilkenny did what he was brought in to do (start construction on the basketball arena), it will be good to have Bellotti in the lead, and bring some balance to the department.
  • Ashton Eaton is getting some well-deserved love from the Portland Tribune, which asks, "Is Ashton Eaton the world's greatest young athlete?" While I don't know if I'd go that far, Eaton is just dominant. Only a junior, he took second in the US Track and Field Championships decathlon this weekend, and is an automatic win in any college decathlon.
  • Rob Moseley has been keeping track of which new recruits on are campus for summer school and workouts. Michael Clay and Tyrece Gaines are in town, but unfortunately Cliff Harris and Diante Jackson are not yet. While there's no reason to worry, with Harris' issues off the field this spring, the sooner he gets to campus and into school, the better.
  • Justin Roper has announced that he will transfer to Montana. Though not all that much closer to Georgia, good luck to him.
  • Buster Sports top 30 coaches of the Pac-10 is getting down to the end, with UCLA's Terry Donahue at No. 5.

There's quite a bit floating around, so if there's anything else you'd like to discuss, leave it in the comments. GO DUCKS!