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Morning Quack Fix: 6.5.09

Well, not a lot of Quack to go around, but we'll make do.

  • Matt Hinton, AKA Doc Saturday, is prematurely assessing Purdue, and, well, it's not pretty. Purdue loses its top 4 all purpose yardage leaders from last season. Hinton goes as far as saying that this Purdue team, on paper, may be worse than the atrocious Minnesota team that went 1-11 a couple years ago. It will be a long road for Purdue this season. If Oregon is serious about contending for a Pac-10 title, the game should not be remotely close.
  • Phil Steele broke down returning experience for all D-1A teams, and Oregon doesn't fare so well, ranking 103rd nationally. While this doesn't worry me all that much, it's definitely something to take pause over. For point of reference, Florida comes in 6th, Oklahoma State 10th, and Ole Miss 14th, which is driving some of those early season rankings.
  • Nick Daschel at Buster Sports is rolling along with his top 30 Pac-10 coaches of all time. Number 27 is UCLA's Pepper Rodgers, who only coached for 3 seasons in the Pac-10, though he did quite a job while he was there. Number 26 is Dick Koetter, which seems bizarre to me. While Koetter wasn't terrible, he teams seemed to fall apart in the biggest spotlights, and he could never break into the upper echelon's of the Pac-10.

[Addendum by JConant]  Here are links to yesterday's ESPN feature on college football in Oregon. First, Jessie Palmer's Best-of-Oregon picks, also the clip with Jerry Glanville that Jtlight mentioned in a post yesterday. Good stuff.

That's it for now. If you find anything else of note, leave it in the comments. GO DUCKS!