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Morning Quack Fix: Predictions galore, and a duck shooters make right

Seems like a pretty busy day, so let's get right to the Quack:

  • DuckTerritory has put together a consensus top 25 poll, based on a compilation of all of the preseason prognositcations. Oregon comes in at number 12, with USC at 4, Cal at 15, Oregon State at 26, BSU at 13, and utah at 20.
  • Meanwhile Nick Daschel of Buster Sports runs through some preseaons prediction history and then throws out his Pac-10 prediction. Surpisingly, he picks Cal over USC and ASU at #3, while Oregon comes in at #4, due to line worries. He also has Arizona at #9. I really think that this is going to prove astoundingly inaccurate accross the board. But hey, he'll have one right, because WSU is finishing last.
  • George Shcroeder has a piece on the Duck basketball players that are now serving community service for their prior misdeeds. Sounds like the kids have learned their lesson, which is always a good thing.
  • DuckTerritory has had a lot of their stuff go premium, but they still have good updates, including on the recent batch of visitors from North Carolina. They are reporting that 4* DE Gabe King has Oregon in his top four. 4* LB Chris McCain, has Oregon as his top school. Both players sound like they will visit Oregon again. One of their teammates, 4* Athlete Keenan Allen, has Oregon in his top 3. All these players hail from Northern Guilford High in Greensboro (NC), which is simply loaded with talent this year. Having so many players from that region visit is huge, and it sounds like Oregon made quite the impact.
  • Mike Bellotti held his first informal press conference as AD, and it's available on

Thoughts on Pac-10 predictions? Comment it! GO DUCKS!