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Morning Quack Fix: Ducks learning a new language; Cliff Harris on his way; catching up with Nate Costa.

Some good stuff this morning in the Land 'O Quack. Let's jump right in:

  • Jeremiah Masoli and the rest of the Ducks are doing a different kind of summer school this year. This one involves incorporating new terminology into the offense. As Rob Moseley reports for the R-G, that's never an easy task.
  • Finally something new on Cliff Harris, the touted Oregon CB recruit who had a scrape with the law earlier this year. Moseley says Harris expects to be in Eugene on August 9th. Anyone up for a parade?
  • Just a reminder, if you're hoping to score some single-game tickets for the upcoming season, plan on staying up late tonight. Oh yeah, also be prepared to pay a bit more than you did last year...though that shouldn't surprise anyone.
  • Jason Vondersmith of the Portland Tribune recently caught of with Oregon QB Nate Costa, who looks to be solidifying himself at #2 on the depth chart. Costa says he's about 90 percent healthy...this kid always has a 100 percent great attitude.
  • From Ted Miller at Rob Rang of the National Football Post mentions LaGarrette Blount as one of several seniors across the country who could elevate themselves to first-round NFL draft status.
  • The debate where Oregon stands nationally heading into the 2009 season continues to rage. I can't remember when there were so many conflicting opinions about how good this team may or may not be. Brian Stubits of does the overrated/underrated thing, and you may be surprised that he says Oregon is being underrated.
  • Once again the University of Oregon is at odds with the Portland Historic Landmark Committee over the school's desire to plaster big O logos within the city's skyline. It's enough to make this ATQer say, enough already.

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