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Morning Quack Fix: a look back at 2006 recruiting class, the spread and an elite PG becomes available.

Let's get straight to the quack this morning.  Enjoy.

  • Ted Miller looks back at the 2006 recruiting classes for the conference.  Oregon's class was ranked 54th nationally by scout that year, which was the worst national ranking in the conference.  Miller calls the class "mixed" as the Ducks "missed" (thus far) on three QBs.  Also, Jamere Holland is listed as a miss for USC after his transfer.
  • ESPN has a few stories on the spread.  First, Bruce Feldman lists the top 10 (run-based) spread QBs (insider acct required).  Masoli comes in at #7 -- behind Juice Williams (#5), which is utterly rediculous.  Interestingly, Jake Locker did not make the list.  Next, Mark Schlabach has a column on how the concepts of the spread offense have infiltrated college football over the last 50 years -- pioneered, in part, by a high school coach from  Oregon. 
  • In basketball recruiting news, 2010 prep recruit Josh Selby has opened his recruiting back up, after previously offering a verbal commitment to Tennessee.  Both Oregon and Kentucky are listed as possilbe destinations for Selby, primarily because of their relationships with Worldwide Wes.  Selby is a five-star PG by both rivals and scout, and considered one of the best prep players in the  country.
  • Jon Wilner continues his "best-of-the-decade" blog posts with his top seven conference QBs.  Dixon (#5) and Joey (#3) make the cut for Oregon, giving them the only other school besides USC with more than one QB on the list.  
  • Finally, a USC blogger takes an early look at the USC-Oregon matchup.  There's not a whole lot there, but it is interesitng to see things from the other side.  

And, that's it.  Comment away!