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Morning Quack Fix: More betting on the season, and recruiting news

Well, it's a slow news day, but here's your quack:

  • Nick Daschel at Buster Sports has an interesting post about betting on the over/under for total wins for each team. I think there is some good money to be made on Oregon, which has an over/under of only 7.5 wins. Vegas seems to be quite high on Arizona as well, with an over/under of 7 wins. Where would you put your money if you were in Vegas?

  • According to DuckTerritory, Oregon has offered Marcus Lattimore, a running back from South Carolina and one of the top prospects in the country. At this point, Oregon is in his top 3, along with Penn State and North Carolina, and should be visiting. With serious interest from Lattimore as well as Houston's Dontae Williams, Oregon is in a good position to solidify its running back situation over the next few years.

  • In wide receiver recruiting news, DuckTerritory lets us know that Oregon has offered another player from the North Carolina group, 2011 WR Maurice Harris, who is the cousin and teammate of ATH Keanan Allen. Harris says that he really wants to play with his cousin, and there's a strong chance that he will follow Allen. Currently both players are in Alabama, and after returning, Allen will be announcing between Oregon, Clemson, and Alabama. Unfortunately, I don't have a good feeling about this one, and fear that Nick Saban may pull in another big recruit. Allen and the other NC players will be getting pressure from Alabama, so the longer that the players wait, the better chances the Ducks have.

  • Jon Wilner, who apparently will rank anything under the sun, has his list of the worst Pac-10 teams of the decade. And has 2008 UW #1, and 2008 WSU #2, while 3 Husky teams it total made the list, more than any other school. That makes me smile a lot. However, while I always love to see the Huskies last in anything, that 2008 WSU team, even on its best day, was one of the worst football teams to step onto a field.
  • Lastly, if you missed it yesterday, it's apparently spread week at ESPN, and they're covering everything spread-related. If you check out their national blog, all their bloggers have done Q&A's with offensive and defensive coordinators from around the country. Of note, Bob Gregory (DC at Cal) talked with Ted Miller about the spread in the Pac-10, and specifically how to stop Oregon.

That's it for now. Leave anything else in the comments. GO DUCKS!