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Morning Quack Fix: Pac-10 Media Day recap

Rank Team Points
1. USC (28) 316
2. California (3) 277
3. Oregon (1) 250
4. Oregon State 216
5. Arizona State 155
6. Stanford 150
7. UCLA 145
8. Arizona 142
9. Washington 74
10. Washington State 35

Pac-10 Media Day 2009 is in the books. Do you know what that means? It means we're still 35 long days away from Oregon's season opener at Boise State. My daily dose of quack is about the only thing that makes life worth living in August. So, let's check out what transpired yesterday:

So, what do you think? Will Oregon finish third? Better? Worse? Does it even matter? Discuss your thoughts on this year's media poll in the comments, since, you know, it's Friday and we have nothing better to do.