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Morning Quack Fix: More Focus On Masoli; Duck Hoopers Working Their Tail Feathers Off

Slim pickens this a.m. folks, but here's what we came up with.

  • Jeremiah Masoli continues to be the focal point for writers and bloggers as we head towards fall camp. Kristian Siuta of looks at Masoli's rise to stardom and his prospects for the upcoming season. Ahhh BleacherReport...I'm going to take issue with "analyst" Cameron Jerde who in reviewing Oregon's upcoming non-conference schedule makes comments like "...Ducks have had a reputation for playing a mediocre non-conference schedule", and "This season, the Oregon Ducks non-conference schedule seems to be a relatively solid one."
  • A slightly I-live-in-Vegas-and-only-come-out-at-night looking site - aka - has posted predictions for the 2009 football season. Oregon comes in at number three. Fair warning: bring your ad blocker with you.
  • Speaking of pre-season rankings, Oregon's predicted finish among five summer publications span from as high as 2nd and as low as 6th. No love from Phil Steele for this year's Ducks...but we knew that already.
  • Remember that other team we all love? Bob Clark of the R-G says Ernie Kent's Ducks are turning up the heat on summer conditioning. Everyone seems to understand that the competition for minutes is going to be fierce. Clark also takes a stab at what Oregon's starting lineup might look like later this year.
  • Oregon golfers Kendra Little and Kate Hildahl continue to advance in the PNGA Women's Amature being played in Molalla. Robbie Ziegler and Eric Grimberg have put in a good showing the PNGA Men's Amature in Dupont, WA.

If you see anything else noteworthy, please post it in the comments. Go Ducks!