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Morning Quack Fix: Camp continues on, both lines still a work in progress

It's Friday, time to celebrate with some quack:

  • The offense did not get to don the black practice uniforms on Thursday after a poor ending to Wednesday's practice. However, despite the defense seeming to do better on the day, the offense earned praise from Kelly. During the practice, the team was going at a very fast tempo, getting in 22 plays during on 9 minute stretch. The pace reminded new WR coach Scott Frost of his practices at Nebraska in 1997, the year he led his team to a national title. Oregon will practice today and tomorrow, but will have Sunday off, the first off day during fall camp.
  • Unfortunately, both lines are still a work in progress. While there are flashes of greatness, consistency must still be seen, and the offensive line must walk the delicate line of nursing C.E. Kaiser and Bo Thran to full health while still making sure they shake off any rust. And with the offensive line growing, it's tough to gauge the defensive line. However, they are working hard, spurred on by Coach Azzinaro, and seem to be channeling their inner Nick Reed. I have a feeling that both lines will be fine, and that the hard work and repetition will pay off when the season starts.
  • The Oregonian has a couple of short pieces on D.J. Davis and Darron Thomas. Davis hurt his foot after a TJ Ward hit on Wednesday, which has brought back some bad memories. But Nate "Mr. Three Torn ACLs" Costa has been his mentor, with his example of working hard throughout his many injuries. Meanwhile, Thomas is looking to play, and has no thoughts at all about redshirting.
  • Rob Moseley rounds up some of the most embarrassing "trash talk" we've seen in some time. It's quite ridiculous that Masoli's, Dickson's, and now Kyle Wilson's comments are being construed as trash talk. However, what is encouraging is that while the Ducks are looking forward to the BSU game, it never comes up in practice, and isn't needed to create excitement. The Ducks are focused on the task at hand, and I believe will carry that attitude all season.
  • Chip Kelly has another post up on Kelly is really stressing "habits, discipline, and structure," and the team seems to be responding. It's at the point of fall camp where it becomes tough, and the team must battle through, and it looks as if they're doing just that.
  • Buster Sports picked Oregon at Number 12 in their preseason countdown, though I'm not sure that they've talked with Nick Daschel (their Pac-10 writer) on that, as he has not been excited about the Ducks in the offseason, and pegged them at 4th in his Pac-10 poll.

As always, leave your comments and links below! GO DUCKS!