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Tyler Matzek signs with Rockies as clock strikes midnight

Well, the minutes were counting down, but according to Tracy Ringolsby at, Tyler Matzek signed with the Colorado Rockies only minutes before the signing deadline passes. Matzek was the 11th player taken in this years MLB draft, and was already in Eugene, preparing to play for Oregon in case his signing didn't work out.

While Oregon had hopes that Matzek and Jake Marisnick (who signed earlier today with the Toronto Blue Jays) would become Ducks, both ended up going pro, as was originally expected.

Good luck to both Matzek and Marisnick in the pros. While this is a bit of a disappointment, it's not that big of a surprise. And really, we should get used to this, as wtih a great recruiter like George Horton heading up Oregon baseball, this is bound to happen with regularity.