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Morning Quack Fix: Getting to know Darron Thomas, more injury news, and looking at some California schools

Happy Friday everyone! First, let's give a big congratulations to Brandon Bair, whose wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this week. On that happy note, let's get to today's quack:

  • Rob Moseley has a big piece on Darron Thomas this morning. Thomas is drawing praise across the board. He's being called a leader by other players, and is impressed Coach Helfrich with his football smarts. Moseley also makes sure to point out that Thomas is quite different in playing style than Dixon, who many of us always compare Thomas too, due to his similar build. And while Thomas knows redshirting is a possibility, he's preparing to be the No. 1. guy.
  • Guard Bo Thran has had his share of hardship this fall, as he's recovering from injury. Unfortunately, he's not recovering as fast as Duck fans would like, and Coach Greatwood won't play him until he's 100% percent, which may not happen until October.
  • Unfortunately, more injury news abounds. Senior WR Rory Cavaille will miss the BSU game due to a shoulder injury. While this is not a season ending injury, it is serious enough to miss a few games. While the coaches don't seem concerned about other WR injuries (this piece notes that Diante Jackson is back in action), this obviously does not help our WR depth.
  • It's Pac-10 week over at Doc Saturday, and Matt Hinton takes a look at Oregon, and gives three arguments for why Oregon will win the Pac-10:
  • In Pac-10 news, Matt Hinton is continuing Pac-10 week by looking at UCLA's running game. Final analysis: it can't really get much worse than last season, but any growth won't really help all that much this season, but will be foundation for the next. He also assesses Cal's chances of taking the Pac-10 title, and it all comes back to Kevin Riley.
  • Dave Consolazio of continues their season preview by looking at the Oregon defensive line. While Dave is optimistic that the Ducks can have a very good line, that he thinks that may not happen until the second half of the season, which may be too late.
  • Standing Room tickets go on sale today. While not ideal, you do what you have to do be in Autzen.

Leave any other links below. GO DUCKS!