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Weekend Quack Fix: Thurmond ready for his return; Rose Bowl captain now is chaplain.

It's that time of year. Quacky little tidbits just keep flowing 24/7. So I thought I'd post of few items that I found this morning, to help us all pass the time.

  • All-American corner Walter Thurmond III may not see a lot of balls thrown his direction this season, but he's looking to help lift the Ducks scoring chances via kick and punt returns. Rob Moseley of the R-G has that story and a few other notes.
  • Moseley's post-practice notes from Friday evening.
  • The AP pre-season top-25 was released today, with three Pac-10 teams ranked (USC no. 4, Cal no. 12 and Oregon no. 16). Oregon State effectively came in at no. 26. John Hunt of the Oregonian discusses his ballot and explains why he'd vote Oregon higher than he put them when ballots were due a couple weeks back.
  • Tip-o-the-hat to Dan F. at He sent us a blog by former Oregon quarterback Danny O'Neil who now serves as the Ducks' team chaplain.

I'm going out to practices to check out competition day. I'm sure Moseley and others will have more thorough reports, but I'll drop in some notes about what I see. I predict an offensive comeback resulting from a solid effort by the O-line and sharp passing by Jeremiah Masoli and Nate Costa. Or, will Jerry Azzinaro's nasty defensive line disrupt the offense yet again? We shall see.