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Morning Quack Fix: ESPN previews the Pac-10 while Bellotti loses sleep

Eight days. And it's likely to be the longest eight days of my life. Nothing a little Morning Quack can't least temporarily:

  • previewed the Pac-10 yesterday with a lot of worthwhile content, some about the Ducks, some not. When I say, "some not," I mean this video segment, in which Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musberger only manage to mention USC and Cal. I'm already sick of Herbstreit, and the season hasn't even started!
  • Ted Miller had a number of posts as part of ESPN's Pac-10 preview, including a nice feature on Jeremiah Masoli, his list of preseason awards, his quarterbacks and wide receivers rankings, five things to watch, and a story about how the Pac-10 is turning to the ground. All of these are worth checking out. I mean, it's not like you have anything better to do until next Thursday night, right?
  • I know this link was posted in the comments of Monday's MQF, but in case you missed it, The New York Times' college football blog, The Quad, has Oregon ranked No. 12. The post also lists ATQ as your source for a blog's take on the Ducks.
  • The R-G's Ron Bellamy has an interesting piece on Mike Bellotti's transition to Oregon's new AD, and apparently he's struggling to get his head around the job. However, something tells me he's going to be just fine once he gets a bit more experience.
  • According to The Oregonian's Bob Rickert, Dennis Dixon has a separated shoulder. Apparently amid his second solid preseason performance, Dixon was hit late in the pocket. I haven't heard the latest on the severity of the injury, but at least it's not one of his knees.
  • Don't forget to freshen up on the rules for this year's ATQ Jersey Contest. The prize? A game-worn Kenny Wheaton jersey from the 2004 season. Just kidding. If you really want to know what the prize is, you'll read ntrebon's post.

As always, post any comments, random thoughts, or links below.