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The Oregon Ducks Elevator - Boise State Game Week

Chip Kelly: In his week 1 press conference, Chip could have explained away all of the potential reasons for why Oregon lost to Boise State last year. He could have sat there, talking about how we were thin at quarterback or how cheap shots changed the game. Instead, he calmly says "we got beat". No excuses from the coach, just the way it should be. Elevator: Up 1 floor

Jackson Rice: Comes into fall camp and solidifies the punting game. He will have a huge test punting at Bronco Stadium on the smurf turf. He probably won't be able to replace Josh Syria immediately, but I'm feeling a lot better about our punting game. Still, a true freshman starting on the road? Not good odds. Elevator: Up 1 floor

LaMichael James: Continuing to climb the ladder, James made the two-deep for Boise State and the speedster is slated to run back kicks alongside Walter Thurmond III. His debut can't come soon enough for me. Elevator: Up 1 floor

Cliff Harris: He's finally made it to camp and was even seen in his first practice just this last weekend. We most likely won't see him against Boise State or perhaps even this season but the final hurdle has been jumped over. With having so little time to learn the playbook, a redshirt year may be in order barring injuries to the defense. Elevator: Walked through the door and pressed Up

UO Athletic Department: Sure, they signed a deal with the Ems to play at PK Park. The downside of that is that the City of Eugene has to pony up $3 million dollars to "renovate" the 1 year old baseball stadium to accommodate a minor league baseball team. Shrewd business dealings or under-handed scheme? I appreciate that baseball is back for Oregon but hasn't the whole situation smelled funny since the beginning? Elevator: Down several floors