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Jersey Contest: Week 1

College football has finally arrived!  Here are the five games for the first week of the 2009 ATQ Jersey Contest.  If you need a refresher on the rules, please see this post from last week.  Bascially, all you need to do is pick the winner by 11.59 PM PT on Friday for each of the five games.  Leave your picks in the comments of this thread.  Please just post picks in this thread, as it makes things much easier for me to tabulate.  If you need to change your picks before the Friday deadline, reply to the comment in which you made your original picks. 

Please note: Games that are played at a neutral site have the city listed in parenthesis.

Georgia at Oklahoma State

Missouri vs. Illinois (St. Louis)

Alabama vs. Virginia Tech (Atlanta)

Baylor at Wake Forest

Cincinnati at Rutgers (on Monday)


Good luck!