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Morning Quack Fix: Positional previews, recruiting roundup, and more QB thoughts

Hey everyone. It's been a pretty busy week, as we inch closer to the start of fall camp. Here's the quack Paul and I found:

  • Rob Moseley is continuing his preview with a look at the offensive line and the wide receivers. also has a preview of the Oregon line, and comes to the same conclusion many Duck fans are coming to: this line is loaded with talent, and will likely not be the problem that many are making it out to be. But it's simply a matter of how quick the line can come together, and how healthy they can stay. Luckily, Oregon won't face a stellar D-line until the Cal game, and I am doubtful that the first three opponents will have an advantage over the young offensive line.
  • Duck Territory is continuing with the great recruiting news, and their lead writer Tony has a great blog post (that's not subscription) summing up many of the big recruits that the Ducks are pursuing that will be making their decisions over the next few months.
  • Nick Daschel from Buster Sports has some thoughts on the Pac-10 QB situation, and has a hypothetical Pac-10 QB draft, and he says he would take Jake Locker first. This just seems insane to me. As talented as Locker is, he is simply a below average passer. He does not have the downfield accuracy to stretch a defense, and can be made one-dimensional by a competent defense. At this point, I really don't understand the Locker hype, until he can actually show the full skill set on the field with any semblance of consistency. Daschel also notes that this is the first time in recent memory that no Pac-10 QBs have been present at the media day, though he's not quite sure if that means anything. And guess what? Bob Rickert hates something else (this time it's the Davey O'Brien award).
  • loves its mock drafts, and yesterday, college football writers Pat Forde, Ivan Maisel and Mark Schlabach got down to business and mock-drafted the top 40 most successful college football programs in the country. Oregon was the second Pac-10 team chosen at No. 16 by Forde. I don't really understand the purpose in using a draft format for something like this, but Forde attempted to explain it in his column yesterday. Also, I'm pretty sure our very own Dave's comment was posted in response to Maisel's No. 9 pick of Notre Dame. Was that you, Dave?
  • Yet another piece on Max Unger, this one by The Oregonian's Aaron Fentress. It seems Unger is earning his way into Seattle's plans, not only for the future, but potentially for the upcoming season. Can't say I'm surprised with the injury issues the Seachickens had last year on the line.
  •'s Ted Miller breaks down each Pac-10 team's returning starters with this handy graph.

As always, leave any relevant comments or links below. Or just do whatever you need to to help make the season seem closer than it is.