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Morning Quack Fix: Ducks Gearing Up; Casey Matthews On Speed; Unger Turning Heads.

Quack's a little late this a.m., but here we go:

  • Rob Moseley yesterday promised us some video about the "gearing up" process for football players. Here it is. He also included about seeing some new faces - and not seeing a few others - as well as news of Rashad Bauman returning as an intern coach. Read on.
  • Moseley also continued his position reviews with a report on Oregon's linebackers. This is a group we can all get excited about.
  • Jason Vondersmith of the Portland Tribune talked with linebacker Casey Matthews about the speed of Oregon's defense.
  • John Hunt of The Oregonian takes a look at Boise State's preparation for the Sept. 3 date with Oregon. Both teams are probably at risk of getting too fired up for this game, if such a thing can happen.
  • Bleacher Report has posted a Strategy Report, looking at the match-up with Boise State. Also, you might be a Duck fan if you're familiar with these...
  • More excitement about Max Unger who's starting his rookie season as a Seattle Seahawk.
  • Here are Andy McNamara's notes about the start of Oregon's fall camp, along with a schedule of key dates. Meet up at a scrimmage anyone?

If you bump into anything else we'd like to hear about please post it in the comments. Go Ducks!