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Morning Quack Fix: Is Thursday's game the most important opener ever?

Only two more days until game day.  Enjoy your quack.

  • If you haven't submitted your first week's picks for the ATQ Jersey contest, do so here.  PIcks must be made by 11:59 PM PT on Friday.
  • First, some stories coming out of the Idaho press.  The Idaho Statesman has an Oregon feature that focuses on LeGarrette Blount. The Idaho Press-Tribune has an article that goes out on a limb to predict a physical rematch between the Ducks and Broncos.  It does include some quotes from safety Jeron Johnson expressing remorse about his late hit last year on Ed Dickson and subsequent ejection. 
  • Ron Bellamy writes about the importance of Thursday's opener, with both teams striving to reach a BCS game, and poses the question: is this year's opener the most significant first game of an Oregon football season ever?  Bellamy includes quotes from current and former Oregon coaches that refelct on the hype and buildup leading up to the rematch.  In contrast, George Schroeder writes about the importance of the game from the Boise State perspective.  A win on Thursday and a romp through the rest of their schedule will most likely land them in a BCS game -- a loss and it's back to the Humanitarian Bowl. 
  • In case you missed it, John Hunt blogs about Cliff Harris making an immediate impression on Oregon coaches.  I am definitely interested to see how the coaches handle Harris this year.  Preseving a year of eligibilty would be great, considering he still has not even practiced in pads, but he might have the talent to force his way on to the field in certain situations before the year is done. 
  • has a couple of new videos up -- including a 2009 preview and a 2008 recap.  Check them out if you haven't seen them yet.
  • A sports bar in Mankato, Minnesota is the proud owner of the, uh, game-used whizzinator by former Duck Onterrio Smith.  I can't decide if $750 is a steal or commentary on the sad state of our society. 
  • And, for those of you making the trip to Boise, it looks like there will be extra police presence at the game.  In addition, there will also be extra patrols on the Oregon highways leading towards Idaho.  Drive safe.   

Go Ducks!