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Morning Quack Fix: Oregon's defense has some bright spots.

What happens when you use your cell phone as an alarm clock and it runs out of juice in the middle of the night? Yeah, Morning Quack goes up late...sorry, my bad. Here's what I found around the Interweb.

  • Finally, a look at one of the brighter points of last week's game...the defense. Rob Moseley details some successful changes made for the Boise game, specifically noting the play of junior Kenny Rowe and Oregon's ability to switch between 4-3 and 3-4 looks without switching personnel.
  • For those of you catching the Purdue game on TV, be prepared for a bit of a mess. The Duck game may be in conflict with FSN's broadcast of an earlier Seattle Mariner's game. Moseley has all the details.
  • With all the finger pointing being done by the vocal minority here and on other message boards, Jeremiah Masoli sums up the real problem with Oregon's offense last week..."All our guys were making mistakes every other play." George Schroeder's article in this morning's R-G details Chip Kelly's reaction to questions about whether Masoli is "the guy."
  • Cameron Mason of the Bleacher Report is the latest to pose the question, was Oregon's full-season suspension of Blount was too harsh? Unfortunately, he fails to weigh in with an answer.
  • Mike Carmin of writes that Purdue is hoping to erase the bitter memory of last year's lost 17-point lead against Oregon.

In other sports:

  • I just noticed a whole new look over at It looks nicer, but still bogs down with too many things going on. Let's just say, the site isn't as fast as Oregon's defense. Newsworthy notes... Oregon baseball has added a new coach in Jay Uhlman. Ducks women's soccer is preparing to host the 2009 Oregon Nike Tournament featuring Loyola Marymount, Seattle University and Oregon State.

If you find something good, please share.