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The Oregon Ducks Elevator - The Purdue Series Ends in Dramatic Fashion Edition

Welcome to the Oregon Ducks Elevator. I'm still recovering from the heart attack of a game we saw on Saturday so forgive my tardiness. Also, I Can Haz Football will be back this week as soon as I get some time. Missing it is unforgivable and we have some great content to work with this week.

Jeremiah Masoli: For 6 quarters dating back to the Boise State game, Jeremiah looked lost out there running the offense. In the second half, the thunder storm came and things just sort of started to click. It seemed that he stopped thinking about the game so much and began to trust his eyes and teammates more. Oh, and it appears the spin move is going to be part of his arsenal from here on out. He would have gone up a level if he had a better first half. Could he be turning the corner with this group? We'll find out this week. Elevator: On the same floor

Nick Aliotti: A lot of fans like to bash on the guy and have for a long time. If you just look at the points on the board, you might think the defense did a bad job letting Purdue score that many points. The defense was directly responsible for scoring 14 points and setting up at least 3, keeping Oregon in the game. It was a high risk, high reward style and it paid off on Saturday. He had the correct players in the game and they were in the right positions to make plays. Tackling issues aside, this was a pretty good defensive performance with a strong, attacking, motivated defense. Elevator: Up 1 floor

LeGarrette Blount: No one thought he would make an appearance in the elevator again after his actions at Boise State. Who better to help break up a scrum at the end of the game then a big guy in a number 9 jersey and sweatpants? Although he won't be playing this year on the field, he showed me something by just being at the game to support his teammates. Showing leadership by breaking up a scrum, albeit slightly ironic, allows me to give him a new job for the Oregon Ducks Elevator: Elevator: Staffing the new Elevator Security Guard position

Andre Crenshaw: Had a very tough first half and just couldn't seem to get himself going. With a couple of good runs in the second half, he was able to beat out a few good runs against a tired defense but he needs to get more consistent, especially now that he is one of the feature backs in the backfield. Elevator: On the same floor

Jamere Holland: Dropped a couple of balls, one wide open pass that would have gone for a touchdown. He gets a bit of a pass because it had just started raining on the field and the ball was still fairly slick, but you have to catch those balls that hit you in the hands. Don't get down on yourself Jamere. People are very sensitive to drops because of J-Will last year. We know you've got mad skills. Elevator: Down 1 floor

Purdue Football: What a great series with the Boilermakers from Purdue. This latest home and home series has proved to be heart attack inducing fun that I hate to see go. Speaking of which, I have to give it up to the fans that travelled to Autzen to support their team. The entire visitors' section was completely full with Boilermaker fans. They were loud enough to be heard on the other side of the stadium where I was sitting and showed class in what much have been a tough loss to swallow. I became a Purdue fan this weekend, if, for nothing else, the extreme amount of class, dignity and support the fanbase and team showed. Elevator: Up 2 floors