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Jersey Contest: Week 3 -- Blogger Picks

First, if you haven't made your picks, you can do so here.  The deadline is tonight at 11.59 PM PT.

Here's what those of us at ATQ thought about this week's games.   And, either I know something that the rest of the ATQ bloggers don't or I am going to fall hopelessly behind after this week.  Our justifications can be found after the jump.

Nebraska at

Virginia Tech


at Iowa

Cincinnati at

Oregon State

Georgia at


Bowling Green at


Jared Virginia Tech Arizona Cincinnati Georgia Bowling Green
Nick Virginia Tech Iowa Oregon State Arkansas Marshall
Dave Virginia Tech Iowa Cincinnati Arkansas Bowling Green
Dominic Nebraska Arizona Cincinnati Georgia Bowling Green
Jeremy Nebraska
Bowling Green
Paul Virginia Tech
Arizona Cincinnati Georgia Bowling Green

Nebraska at Virginia Tech:

Jared: Nebraska has done nothing of consequence this season, and while VT's only accomplishment was keeping it close against Alabama, I think they will win this game at home. Pick: Virginia Tech

Nick: I really wanted to go with Nebraska because I don't think Virginia Tech can win if it has to rely on Tyrod Taylor's arm to win.  Nebraska's offense has looked impressive early, albeit against Florida Atlantic and Arkansas State.  Ultimately, the Hokie defense at home and relying on their rushing attack will be enough. Pick: Virginia Tech

Dave:  Blacksburg is not an easy place to play.  But, more importantly, Nebraska is a slightly above mediocre team.  Virginia Tech is a very good team.  With their defense at home, I just can't see the Hokies losing to the Huskers.  Pick: Virginia Tech

Dominic:  Even though Virginia Tech has won 31 straight non-conference games, Nebraska will break that streak this weekend on the road. Look no further than the passing game when comparing these two teams. Nebraska has been averaging 302 passing yards a game. You couple that with a good running attack and Zac Lee's 73.7 completion percentag, you get a balanced offensive scheme that will leave the Hokies scratching their heads.  Pick: Nebraska

Jeremy:  Common sense says VaTech at home. But my grellow blood runs with a strong tinge of Big Red. Are the Black Shirts back? We'll find out if the Huskers' D can win them a close one.  Pick: Nebraska

Paul:  While Nebraska has finally followed suit with the rest of the Big 12 and turned itself into a pass-first team (they're currently in the top 20 in the country in total offense and passing offense), they've done it all at home.  To go to Blacksburg for your first road game of the season isn't exactly ideal, and the Huskers are gonna get husked by a stingy VA Tech defense.  Pick: Virginia Tech


Arizona at Iowa:

Jared:  This game could end up being quite entertaining. Arizona's defense has come to play early in the season, and I believe they'll keep Iowa to less than 20 points. Wait, am I really picking Mike Stoops on the road?  Pick: Arizona

Nick:  This looks like a classic lay-an-egg-game for Stoops and Arizona.  While I know Stoops has only been there since 2004, Arizona hasn't won a non-conference road game since 2002.  And, their last out of conference road victory in 2002 was over Northern Arizona.  Pick: Iowa

Dave:  I'm not a big fan of either of these teams, and I don't think either one is better than a mid level bowl team.  But when in doubt, pick against Mike Stoops.  Pick: Iowa

DominicRob Gronkowski won't be playing for Arizona in this game and they have to travel to Iowa. After struggling to eek out a win against Northern Iowa, I have to question the Hawkeyes run defense, especially with Nic Grisby coming to town. It won't be much fun to watch but I think the Pac-10 pulls out another game.  Pick: Arizona

Jeremy:  Iowa stumbled in week one, but got it together versus their in-state rival. Stoops is overmatched in this one.  Pick:  Iowa

Paul:  Tough call, but I'm going with the Wildcats.  I really like Arizona's defense after they held Central Michigan and QB Dan LeFevour to a mere 108 passing yards two weeks ago (a team that was in the top 12 nationally in passing offense last year and that hung 352 on Michigan State last weekend).  Pick: Arizona


Cincinnati at Oregon State:

Jared:  The Bearcats have a great coach and will be ready to play, and have been clicking on all cylinders this season. OSU has some serious pass defense issues that Cinci will likely exploit. I just don't know if the Beavers, with injury questions for the Rodgers brothers, can match the Bearcat offense.  Pick: Cincinnati

Nick:  After seeing everyone else's picks, maybe I am crazy, but I like OSU's offense against Cincy's defense more than the reverse matchup.  I think the Rodgers brother should have a big game against an inexperienced Bearcat defense.  Pick: Oregon State

Dave:  I watched the Cincy/Rutgers game and was more than impressed.  I don't know how good the Cincy defense is, but the offense is going to put up a ton of points on everybody.    I just think that most people are underrating Cincy, and that Oregon State is about to get blitzkrieged.  Pick: Cincinnati

Dominic:  Oregon State has had two warmup games to get ready for Big East title contender Cincinnati. The Beavers have Quizz and Reser Stadium. The Bearcats have an extremely potent offense. History has taught me not to root against the Beavers when they appear to be the underdogs, especially at home. If Oregon State can play ball control and keep Cincinnati from having too many chances, the game will be close. That said, I think Oregon State has too many questions coming into this game, especially on defensive pressure on the quarterback. Tony Pike, given time, will pick on their young corners.  Pick: Cincinnati

Jeremy:  I never pick against the Beavers out of spite. I think Cincy is the better team. It wouldn't surprise me if the Beavs prove me wrong. It also wouldn't surprise me if they're wondering what just happened to their defense after this game.  Pick: Cincinnati

Paul:  Oregon State should have the edge, at least motivationally speaking, after getting hammered on the road in the first have of their two-game series with the Bearcats, but that game was two years.  Add in the fact that Cincy's offense is seemingly unstoppable, and it's spells trouble for the Beavs.  Pick: Cincinnati


Georgia at Arkansas:

Jared:  Georgia hasn't been all that impressive, but has two games under its belt. Arkansas has played one game against poor competition. This game really is a toss-up, but I just can't pick Arkansas until they show something this season.  Pick: Georgia

Nick:  I like Arkansas at home after an extra week to prepare for Georgia. Pick: Arkansas

Dave:  Georgia hasn't really looked great, so I guess I'll go with the home team.  Pick: Arkansas

DominicRyan Mallett making his first SEC start for Arkansas. The Razorbacks have lost 8 of their past 10 games against ranked SEC opponents. Even though Georgia has a number of injuries, they just have too much depth for Arkansas to deal with.   Pick: Georgia

Jeremy:  I cannot pick a team whose coach's show takes place at a bar called The Catfish Hole. Yes...come hear coach Petrino speak and get all-you-can-eat catfish for $20. Seems like a lot to pay to eat a slimey mud-sucking fish that can be caught with bread balls. Good times.  Pick: Georgia

Paul:  Arkansas is unproven with only one game under its belt so far against Directional University.  Georgia, on the other hand, is battle tested, finishing 1-1 after tough games with Oklahoma State in Stillwater and against the Head Ball Coach's 'Cocks between the hedges.  I like Georgia to improve to 2-1 as the young Bulldogs continue to improve.  Pick: Georgia


Bowling Green at Marshall:

Jared:  I could care less about this game. Bowling Green is favored.  Pick: Bowling Green

Nick:  I picked this game because the line opened as a straight pick'em.  Now, I realized I can't just pick the favorite in a game with two teams I know nothing about.  The line has since moved and is favoring BG.  However, I'll go with the home team.  Pick: Marshall

Dave:  By every objective measure, Bowling Green is a decent MAC team (beat Troy soundly, almost beat Mizzou).  Marshall is somewhere between abysmal and oh my God I want to stab my eye out if I have to watch anymore of this.  This game could have been Marshall vs. the Reed College Powderpuff Team and I still would have picked against the Herd.  Pick: Bowling Green

Dominic:  I like Bowling Green in this matchup. They gave Missouri a tough game before finally falling last week. Marshall squeaked out a win against Southern Illinois before getting drilled by Va. Tech. Tyler Sheehan should have a big game for Falcons.  Pick: Bowling Green

Jeremy:  Really, Nick? Really? I put a couple cat treats on my kitchen floor. My black cat ate the one on the left first.  Pick: Bowling Green

Paul:  Two unproven teams.  Both with .500 records.  But Bowling Green hung with Missouri last weekend and is better statistically, so I'm going with the Falcons, breaking my usual rule of picking the home team with games featuring two teams I know nothing about.  Pick: Bowling Green