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ATQ 2009 Football Preseason Awards

A few of us ATQers got together and voted on a variety of preseason awards. All in good fun. At the end of the season we'll do it all over again and see how preseason predictions compare to post-season results. Thanks to jtlight, ntrebon, dvieira, PaulSF and Addicted to Quack.

Nominees and winners after the jump...

Most Valuable Player

LeGarrette Blount, Ed Dickson, Jeremiah Masoli, Walter Thurmond III, T.J. Ward

Winner: Jeremiah Masoli
Runner up: LeGarrette Blount


Offensive Player of the Year

LeGarrette Blount, Ed Dickson, Jamere Holland, Jeff Maehl, Jeremiah Masoli

Winner: LeGarrette Blount, Jeremiah Masoli (tie)


Defensive Player of the Year

Casey Matthews, Spencer Paysinger, Walter Thurmond III, Will Tukuafu, T.J. Ward

Winner: Walter Thurmond III
Runner up: Will Tukuafu, T.J. Ward


Offensive Newcomer of the Year (includes '08 red shirts)

Tyrece Gaines, LaMichael James, Diante Jackson, Carson York

Winner: LaMichael James (unanimous)


Defensive Newcomer of the Year (includes '08 red shirts)

Zac Clark, Scott Grady, Bryson Littlejohn, Terrance Montgomery

Winner: Bryson Littlejohn
Runner up: Terrance Montgomery


Freshman Player of the Year

Everett Benyard, Blake Cantu, Michael Clay, Diante Jackson, Jackson Rice

Winner: Jackson Rice
Runner up: Diante Jackson


Most Improved - Offense

Rory Cavaille, Andre Crenshaw, Garrett Embry, Jamere Holland, Jordan Holmes, David Paulson

Winner: Jamere Holland
Runner up: Jordan Holmes


Most Improved - Defense

Brandon Bair, Blake Ferras, Talmadge Jackson III, Casey Matthews, Eddie Pleasant, Kenny Rowe, Javes Lewis

Winner: Brandon Bair
Runner up: Jackson III, Matthews, Rowe, Lewis


Position Coach of the Year

Jerry Azzinaro, Steve Greatwood, Mark Helfrich, John Neal, Don Pellum, Nick Aliotti

Winner: Jerry Azzinaro
Runner up: Steve Greatwood


So, how did we do? If we blew it or nailed it, let us hear about it in the comments. Who are the players you're most looking forward to watch this season and why?