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Morning Quack Fix: "Ready's not even the word," as Oregon prepares for BSU

Tomorrow night. That's right, TOMORROW! As an added bonus (and I forgot to mention it earlier), we're having a blog bet with OBNUG again this year. The winner get a post on the other's site. Here's your fix, that will get you through 'til tomorrow night's overdose (make sure to check out the links after the jump):

  • Ed Dickson and LeGarrette Blount talked a bit with John Hunt of the Oregonian regarding the readiness of the team. And these guys have been ready for a long time. No doubt, there is a lot of emotion. They've been ready for this game, and it's showing. This team wants payback, and they want it bad. I don't think that will take the form of anything devious, but one things for sure, this team knows that it will take execution to get it done. And they'll probably be quite physical during the entire process.

    Let's also make something clear. BSU has been talking about focus and how Oregon's just another game and all this. But as much as they want to ignore it, this is the biggest game in the history of Bronco Stadium. Now, I understand how BSU wants to avoid the pitfalls that Fresno State has fallen into in recent years. But this isn't a game where Boise State can come in and play their game and just roll over the Ducks. Oregon is a more talented football team. And for many reasons, these players are going to be playing with emotion, and focus. And, I like that. I like that a lot.
  • But while there are definite pitfalls for over-emotion, what is extremely encouraging is how the Oregon coaches are preparing for the game specifically. It's definitely not all talk. And regarding last years game, the coaches know what happened, and are freely admitting that they were not prepared. That won't be the case this time. This team is ready mentally, and know that to beat a disciplined team like BSU, they must not only play with desire, but with the discipline to match.
  • But if the Ducks win, there will be a good chance of an extra boon later on: BCS Money. Jon Wilner writes that all Pac-10 teams should be praying for Oregon, as the Pac-10 gets the shaft when the BCS is busted.
  • OregonLive has a lot of features on Oregon players. There's one on Jeremiah Masoli, who I really think will be a great leader this season, and is one of the most focused and grounded players on the team, something that is great to have in your starting QB. There's also a piece T.J. Ward, whose story I particularly like. He has overcome a lot of adversity to get to where he's at. Lastly, a piece on Kenjon Barner. While Duck fans haven't seen him yet, he could play a big role in the kick return game.
  • Rob Moseley takes a look at the special teams, where the Ducks are young, but talented. But they face a stiff test against Boise State.
  • Lastly, Ken Woody takes a look at trick plays, which Boise State is sure to attempt, and their effectiveness. Overall, they seem to have a greater in their psychological advantage than the gain in yards or points. If the Ducks give up a big play or two, the most important thing will be keeping their wits and not losing discipline.

One more day. How you feeling? As good as the Ducks? Comment it below. GO DUCKS!