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Morning Quack Fix: Kelly stands behind Masoli, has more more perspective than a lot of Duck fans

So, I was unfortunately unable to watch the game this weekend due to some prior obligations. However, I am simply astounded by the number of calls we were hearing from fans to bench Jeremiah Masoli. Yes, he had a bad game. But that doesn't mean he should be benched, or that any of our other QBs would be better. The bench Masoli response has been emotionally driven, and I have not seen any rational discussion of this topic. So, let's get some perspective, and take a lesson from our coach on this one:

  • In this week's Sunday conference call, Chip Kelly acknowledged concern over Jeremiah Masoli, but stated, "The reasons I stayed with Jeremiah in that game is because he’s our quarterback and he gives us the best chance to win." Kelly repeated his typical comments on competition, saying that Costa has a chance to win the job every week, though I'm not buying it at this point. 
  • Kelly had some other comments in the press conference. He thinks that LaMichael James could be even better than he showed in his record-setting performance. There is no new injury news to report, though T.J. Ward and Rory Cavaille are not cleared for contact on Monday. Also, Kelly said that Lavasier Tuinei was our best perimeter blocker, though is still searching for his first catch as a Duck.
  • The always great Ken Woody has his game recap up, and spends some time on Masoli's performance. Unlike those that claim Masoli can't throw from the pocket, Woody claims that many of Masoli's problems were seen while he was trying to throw on the run, and that his footwork (which has been inconsistent throughout his career) was poor and led to a number of incomplete passes. As always, Woody covers every aspect of the game, and his post is a must-read.
  • Rob Moseley had some good thoughts on his twitter while watching a replay of the game. Of note: "Drops were an issue for the receivers again; Masoli wasn't THAT bad. Decisions were worse than mechanics."

That's all for now. As always, post links or comments (especially on the Masoli situation) below. GO DUCKS!