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ATQ BlogPoll Ballot: Week Three

I'm ready to take some flack for this one.  I'm unhappy with the way I've voted in the BlogPoll ballot.  I find myself guilty of the same things that make the AP and coaches polls so terrible.  Namely, I assume too damn much.  For example. lets take Oklahoma.  I, like many others, have had them rated pretty high based on what I think they'll do.  The problem?  There is no empirical evidence to show me.  They're 2-1 and have beaten Idaho State and Tulsa at home.  Regardless of what I THINK about Oklahoma (that they're pretty good), and how I think they'll finish (comfortably in the top ten), there is no OBJECTIVE evidence right now to show me that is the case.  They have no notable wins.  So Oklahoma is unranked this week.  As is Ole Miss. This is also why Florida is ranked #16.  I think they're better than that, but have they shown it?

Another thing I hate about the voters is how everything is based on the previous week's poll.  If team A is ahead of team B, and neither team loses, team A will remain ahead of team B regardless of their final resume.  This is stupid.  So I will throw away my poll and reevaluate it every week.  Houston and Washington are ahead of Florida right now because they have better resumes.  But if all three of those teams win out, would that remain the case?  Of Course not.  By that time, Florida would likely have the better resume and move up accordingly.  That's why its  not the tragedy that some think it is to have Florida at #16 right now--because they'll move to where they should be if they win.  I think they'll end up #1, but they have to prove it, because what I think is too subjective.

Of course, there will always be some subjectivity, because in ranking resumes you have to make judgments about how good some wins and losses are relative to each other.  But no ranking system is going to be perfect.  We just have to try and do the best we can.  And, when you have some empirical evidence, to ignore it was we so often do is foolish in my opinion.  It creates unfair obstacles for teams just because they weren't on the preseason radar.  So with my little spiel complete, off to the poll.

Rank Team Delta
1 Miami (Florida) 18
2 Cincinnati 15
3 California 2
4 LSU 14
5 Alabama 1
6 Houston 3
7 Washington
8 Oklahoma State 5
9 Georgia 6
10 Boise State 1
11 Florida State
12 Southern Cal 10
13 UCLA 11
14 Michigan 6
15 Texas 12
16 Florida 15
17 Iowa
18 North Carolina
19 Virginia Tech 7
20 Oregon
21 Missouri 2
22 Georgia Tech
23 Brigham Young 17
24 Penn State 17
25 TCU 9
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Mississippi (#8), Oklahoma (#10), Ohio State (#14), Nebraska (#21), Tulsa (#25).
Let me explain my reasoning:
1.  Miami (FL)--They've won not only at home (GA Tech), but in a tough environment on the road (Florida St.).  Both were ranked team.  2-0, both against ranked league foes?  At this point, nobody has a better resume in the country.
2.  Cincinnati--Rutgers was the preseason Big East favorite, and they went on the road and dominated them.  Then they flew to the other coast for a good win over Oregon State.  I don't like that they played a 1-AA team, but they beat them by 64, so they did their job.  Decent road wins on both coasts is impressive at this point.
3.  California--They've also got two BCS wins that weren't particularly close, including that road win at Minnesota.
4.  LSU--In light of recent events, I have to reevaluate that win at Washington.  Nice league win against Vandy as well.
5.  Alabama--Va. Tech on a neutral site is one of the better wins of anyone this season, but other two games were total cupcakes.
6.  Houston--I don't think that the Cougars are long for this spot, but they deserve it for now.
7.  Washington--Great win vs. USC and their loss was close against LSU.  Dammit.
8.  Oklahoma State--There really isn't a good excuse to lose to Houston at home, but the Georgia win is still looking really good.
9.  Georgia--Rebounded nicely with SEC wins against South Carolina, and at Arkansas.  Good pair of wins.
10.  Boise State--Nice wins against Oregon and at Fresno, but they may not get much higher becasue they play nobody else.
11.  Florida State--I don't like how they struggled against a 1-AA team, but their loss to Miami is okay, and they went to Provo and obliterated BYU in their home opener.  That was impressive.
12.  USC--They're basically here for winning at Ohio State, but that may or may not hold up as a good win.
13.  UCLA--3-0.  Two wins (home and road) against BCS schools.  I don't think they'll be here long, but hard to say they don't deserve it.
14.  Michigan--Notre Dame was one of my first teams out of the rankings.  Thats a decent win.  They've played nobody else, though.
15.  Texas--Nice win versus a decent Tech team, but really haven't been tested.
16.  Florida--Ditto.  Two creampuffs and a tough win at home against Tennessee.
17.  Iowa--Beaten two BCS schools (Arizona, ISU), though I'm not sure Iowa State should count.
18.  North Carolina--BCS win on the road (UCONN) is the only thing that has them over the next two teams.
19.  Virginia Tech--Played Alabama tough, but Nebraska win is decent, if way too close.
20.  Oregon--Yeah, we've struggled,  Looked really bad at time.  But, still, look at the resume, and find too many teams with a better pair of wins that Utah and Purdue.  I was tempted to rank them above UNC and VT, but am trying to avoid the dreaded Coulter/Kos curse.
21.  Missouri--They pounded Illinois and are still undefeated.  That's the best I've got at this point.
22.  Georgia Tech--Good win against Clemson, got pounded at Miami, which isn't necessairly bad.  I think they'll move up once we know a bit more.
23.  BYU--Looked really bad vs. FSU, but still clinging dearly to that Oklahoma win.
24.  Penn State--Finally got tired of rewarding them for playing nobody.  A non-conference schedule of Temple, Syracuse, Akron, and Eastern Illinois is horrific.  They're lucky I even put them this high.  Maybe ND or Okahoma was more deserving?
25.  TCU--I'm grasping for straws here, at least they have a road win at Virginia, though maybe that's not really saying much.
Let me know what you think and what changes you think should be made.