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Media Wednesday - Respecting the Power of the Juju

Its Bear week, and Media Wednesday doesn't need to be reminded that we've lost three in a row and four of five against these guys.  We can tell ourselves that this streak will be broken on Saturday but, lets be honest, we have no control over that.  No, we must acknowledge the Juju and his power to control the fate of the football universe.  Keth Allen's drop?  FLUKE.  Cameron Colvin's fumble?  FLUKE.  These excuses are no more.  What the Juju wants is our attention and our respect.  We respect you, Juju, and stand in awe of the power that you can unleash.  In deference to your power, we relive the moments of mayhem that you have caused the last five years, acknowledge your power and implore you to make the Bears respect you the way we humbly do.

2004, the darkest days in decades for our Ducks.  However, at the time, we're 5-3, and driving for the game winning field goal against a top ten team when the Juju, clearly visible in this video, turns Keith Allen's hands to butter:

In 2006, we start off 4-0, and head into Berkeley coming off a total blowout of Arizona State.  We're ranked #11, and our offense is rolling.  Pissed off at Brady Leaf for defying the Juju in OT the year before, the Juju really lets us have it with a primetime national TV meltdown.  DeSean Jackson just toyed with us:

Not even Dennis Dixon could overcome the power of the Juju.  In what was one of the biggest games in Oregon history. the Ducks all but have the game tying score, when the Juju makes a lifelong goat of poor Cameron Colvin just as he's crossing the goal line:

And, perhaps mercifully, there doesn't seem to be any video of the pain that the Juju caused us last year.  Needing only a field goal to tie it in the fourth quarter, the Juju made Jairus Byrd forget to catch the punt, and gave Cal another TD to put the game away.

UPDATE:  reader Oskigodummy has added this video for us.  I'm not sure if we should thank him or pummel him:



We acknowledge this pain and the power of the Juju to inflict it.  You may go elsewhere now Juju, your work will be remembered in Eugene for a long, long time.