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Gameday Open Thread: California Golden Bears @ Oregon Ducks

Who: California Golden Bears (3-0, 0-0 Pac-10) vs. Oregon Ducks (2-1, 0-0 Pac-10)
Time: 12:30pm PST
Location: Autzen Stadium, Eugene, OR
Media: ABC

The California Golden Bears come to Autzen on Saturday with a high ranking and some running back guy that I read is pretty good. Little do the Bears know that we have a secret weapon. With a defense resembling Gang Green and some real yellow helmets, welcome to 1998. Bill Clinton is denying sexual relations with Monica, Microsoft just released its newest operating system Windows 98 and Jahvid Best just finished crying at the end of Titanic, asking anyone who will listen..."Why didn't someone tell me the ship sinks at the end?!" Ladies and gentlemen, break out your Chumbawumba albums because there is a reason why Cal fans are feeling paranoid. Here is your open thread for the game. Go Ducks!