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Morning Quack Fix: Boise State Gameday!

Really, what more can be said? Well, plenty I suppose. We've still got about 12 hours give or take. Here are a couple last minute tidbits.

  • Ken Woody is back at the R-G with his seasonal analysis of Oregon football. His first post: The Psychology of Trick Plays.
  • John Hunt of The Oregonian has his game day preview up, asking "can Ducks keep their cool?" John Canzano has a level-headed take on this game, suggesting the Ducks need to be business-like to leave Boise with a win. John Hunt also files a piece on Chip Kelly, as he makes he head coaching debut.
  • I like Ted Miller's work, but this time I think he's got stuff backwards. Maybe. His final Pac-10 positional rankings are kickers, where he ranks Oregon no. 6, and punters, with the Ducks at no. 8. Having watched both at multiple practices this fall, I'd say flip those. Jackson Rice might very well be better than the no. 6 punter in the Pac-10 at season's end.
  • How do you feel about voting? Well now you can cast votes for QBs vying for the O'Brien Award, including Jeremiah Masoli (vote yes) and BSU's Kellen Moore (abstain). Voters have a 5 percent say this year. Last, but never least, Amanda Pflugrad is looking for your help in this Sideline Spirit contest. Won't you step up and help her out, AtQ?

Okay, that's it for links.

jtlight has asked that we use today's Morning Quack as a Pregame Open Thread. You know, to help pass the time that will torment us all today. So it's open...let's hear your final thoughts, your case for Oregon, your fears, your predictions, your encouraging words for fellow Duck fans.