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ATQ BlogPoll Week Four


Resume ranking isn't easy, and I have no confidence that I got it right this week.  Alabama is the new #1 after blasting Arkansas.  LSU #2 because, though they haven't looked impressive, they've gotten the job done, and we're going on straight resume here.  Virginia Tech also has a huge move up based on the Miami win, as do Florida and Oregon.  Cal?  Lets just say that team I saw on Saturday doesn't deserve to be in anyone's rankings, though if they beat SC this weekend they'll be back in a jiffy.  Oklahoma and Penn State are still unranked because, well, they haven't beaten anybody with a pulse.  But I have the feeling the Sooners will be back in the rankings soon.

Remember, this isn't a power poll.  Of couse I think Florida would roll Houston.  But, as of right now, Houston has done more objectively to EARN their spot.  The goal is to get it right in the end instead of letting preseason perception cloud the argument.  Florida will jump ahead of Houston when they start rolling through their SEC schedule.  As will Texas.  I also don't think for a second that Arizona is really one of the 25 best teams in the country, nor USF.  But for now, they are where they are, and I have no apologies for that.

See the ranking after the jump:


Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 4
2 LSU 2
3 Cincinnati 1
4 Virginia Tech 15
5 Georgia 4
6 Houston
7 Boise State 3
8 Iowa 9
9 Florida 7
10 Oklahoma State 2
11 Michigan 3
12 Miami (Florida) 11
13 Southern Cal 1
14 UCLA 1
15 Texas
16 Oregon 5
17 Brigham Young 6
18 Auburn
19 Stanford
20 TCU 5
21 Georgia Tech 1
22 South Carolina
23 Arizona
24 Wisconsin
25 South Florida
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: California (#3), Washington (#7), Florida State (#11), North Carolina (#18), Missouri (#20), Penn State (#24).
Sorry for not having a more substantial explanation, but you're getting this as I'm heading out for work.  I'll try to get to all your questions ASAP.  Just leave them in the comments.