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Media Wednesday - Excuse me Jason Gesser sir. Can I Have That? Thanks

The Juju has been appeased, at least for last week. Every week is a new week, one filled with triumph, failure and peanut butter cookies...oh glorious peanut butter cookies. For this week, Media Wednesday heads back to the Jason Gesser Era in Washington State Cougar history. The year was 2002. Duck fans were riding high with their team at a 7-2 record and we were thinking major bowl game. Little did we know that the Cougars would send the Ducks on a 4 game slide, including a loss to Wake Forest in the Seattle Bowl.

Even though Oregon lost the game, we were given this absolute gem of a play by Steven Moore who stole the ball from Jason Gesser schoolyard style and walked it into the endzone. Juju be praised!