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The LeGarrette Blount Thread

We'll have some thoughts up about the game later on today. Everything was so bad in that game and there are a lot of issues, offensively and defensively, that need to be addressed, and its for the best if that thread isn't bogged down by the all the Blount talk. If you want to talk Blount, please do so here. Leave the next thread for the actual game.

After sleeping on it (albeit for just a few hours), I do feel a little bad for LeGarrette Blout. What he did was inexcusable, to be sure. He's going to be suspended for multiple games, maybe even kicked off the team entirely. And I won't say he doesn't deserve it. But also keep in mind that he stands to lose everything here--not just his last college season, but an NFL career too. Byron Hout, far from the innocent victim that some are portrayng him to be, undoubtedly deserved to be decked. But that, of course doesn't excuse Blount's actually doing it. And, unfortunately, his actions afterward made it even worse.

If we open against Portland State and this happens, I don't think there's nearly as much outrage (remember Aaron Brooks). But on national TV with this much hype, it really puts the University in a tough spot. And you lose all credibility if you don't come down hard. Blount has to be gone multiple games, and there's better than 50/50 odds that he's gone entirely. I'd hate to be in Chip and Mike Bellotti's shoes right now dealing with this. Especially with the eyes of the nation on them.

This is not who we are as a team or a fanbase. When Blount did this with the Oregon jersey on, he brought shame to us all. For that, he deserves whatever suspension he has coming to him. But we also can't forget that Blount is a person, too, one in obvious need of some serious guidance. Aaron Brooks came out of his situation as a much better person. Lets hope that, whatever come of this, LeGarrette Blount comes out of this a better person as well.