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TJ Ward day-to-day, and other notes from Kelly

We've all been wanting to know, and according to Moseley, T.J. Ward is day-to-day. He will likely be replaced by John Boyett, Marvin Johnson, Javes Lewis, or a combination of those players at the various safety positions.

At running back, depth will become a serious issue, especially as Moseley notes that Remene Alston is dealing with academic issues.

Kelly also held a team meeting at 4pm today, and the team mood was "somber." I have no doubt that this team still has a lot of talent, and can still put points on the board, but the effort and execution both must improve by leaps and bounds. How this team reacts emotionally and psychologically will be very important to how this season turns out.

In the BSU game, there was a very poor effort. I had really thought this team would know it would take a big effort to beat Boise State. I was very very wrong. Hopefully they've learned their lesson. This team cannot take any play off, and will have to work for whatever it gets.