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OBNUG won the blog bet...again

For the second year in a row, OBNUG has won the blog bet on the Oregon/BSU game, and get to post on our site. Here is Kevan's post:

Haven't Oregon fans been through enough already?

Thursday night's loss was bad. LeGarrette Blount's suspension is deflating. Seeing Mikrino in the comments will be embarrassing. There's no need for me to rub it in even worse with a coldhearted blog bet.

I thought about going with a Chip Kelly diary ("But diary, the folks at Jamaica Me Tan promised me we'd win!") or a Jeremiah Masoli sonnet (what rhymes with incompletion?) or the sequel to last season's blog bet blockbuster movie script. But that's just cruel. Oregon fans don't need to be reminded of their team's shortcomings. They need to laugh. They need to laugh so they won't cry.

And what better way to laugh than through the magic of cartoons? I realized something the other day. Oregon head coach Chip Kelly bears an uncanny resemblance to Coach McGuirk from Cartoon Network's Home Movies.

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(Photos via and

Both are coaches. Both are blonde-haired, hefty men. Both work in an increasingly depressing job situation. And it's easy enough to picture Kelly having the same conversations with his players that Coach McGuirk has with his.

Chip Kelly speaks with his team after the loss to Boise State:

Chip Kelly at practice:

Chip Kelly sharing words of wisdom with Jeremiah Masoli:


There. Don't we feel better now?