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Morning Quack Fix: Ducks prepare for Boilermakers with questions at running back

Only a few days from the home opener and hopefuly some redemption. Also, there are still a lot of Blount/suspension/whatever articles out there. But I'm not linking them. Because I don't care anymore. Here's your actual sports related quack to get you through:

  • First off, the running back situation has become very tenuous with Blount and Alston out. And in response, the Ducks are going small, with all backs in the rotation under 6 feet. The only player who had any reps that wasn't was Darron Thomas. That's right, our QB of the future may end up playing running back a little. If he takes a carry in the game, I think most Duck fans will just end up closing their eyes so they don't watch when he gets snapped in half. However, what the new group lacks in size and depth, they make up for in speed. James and Barner are two of the quickest players on the team, which could prove to be a huge value to the running game.
  • Purdue is prepping for the game this weekend, and new coach Danny Hope is saying what duck fans are thining: "One of two things will happen out of that incident. It will be a distraction in some ways, or it will cause them to bond even stronger." And Hope is not expecting to sneak up on Oregon, and expects Oregon to be ready for the game.  However, I did enjoy what Hope had to say about talking with his team about sportsmanship: "I don’t think you need to have a team meeting about that. ‘Don’t sucker punch anybody while we’re shaking hands after the game.’ I didn’t have that team meeting, no. I think that would be understood."
  • In a little non-football news, the Oregon women's volleyball team is up to number 12 in the rankings and stands undefeated at 6-0. Oregon beat Portland State yesterday in 4 games to to improve to that mark. With this looking to be a great season, if you're in Eugene make sure to get down to Mac Court and support all Oregon teams!
  • Lastly, the blog Off The Pond has a great graph that I think a lot of us can relate to.

As always, leave your comments below. GO DUCKS!