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Brand new is live!

Hey everyone, if you hadn't already noticed from the alert in the upper right hand section of the screen, or the recent downtime, SBNation has been up to some serious work and has just released the brand new If you'd been there before, it wasn't all that much. But all that has changed.

The new site will take all the best parts of SBNation and take it to a national level. It will cover all the big stories of the day and not only give you easy access to all of the best stories on SBNation, but also to all of the best sports writing in general. This really is a giant step forward for all of SBNation, and I hope you all will take advantage of this new resource. For more info on the new site, our CEO Jim Bankoff has all the info on the new site.

Lastly, none of this could have been done without all of you, who visit and take part in Addicted To Quack and all the other great SBNation sites on a daily basis. Thanks for making this place what it is. Have a great night, and GO DUCKS!