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2010 Rose Bowl Pregame Open Thread

It's here Duck fans. It's finally here. The Rose Bowl is mere hours away, and for anyone who couldn't score tickets or make travel arrangements to be in Pasadena today, this is the place to be. Can we all make a pact that we'll be at the next one? Or maybe the national championship game someday? I'm getting ahead of myself...

A great way to start off the day is with this amazing Ohio State-Oregon retrospective put together by Phil Hecken, Michael Princip, and Larry Bodnovich at Uni Watch. It's a veritable smorgasbord of old pictures and articles from the 1958 Rose Bowl, as well as the Rose Bowl appearances of both teams. Definitely worth a thorough read.

No matter the outcome today, let's all be appreciative of the amazing season the Ducks have had, and be excited for the future of Oregon as an elite football school.