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Quack Fix: Lattimore eliminates Oregon, mens' basketball not very good

Not a whole lot of Quack today, but hopefully enough to tide you over:

  • In case you missed it yesterday, Marcus Lattimore has eliminated Oregon and Penn State, leaving South Carolina and Auburn as his final two.  Realistically, it was a longshot that Lattimore was going to come here anyway.  He seems like a good kid, and we wish him the best of luck wherever he ends up.
  • Mens basketball lost another home game Saturday, and prepares for next weekend's road trip to the bay area, where we get swept on an annual basis, even in our good years.  LeKendric Longmire is tired of it, but it seems that many of the other players are conspicuously silent.  This season is slipping away.  Its looking more and more like a miracle run in the Pac-10 tournament is going to be the only way to salvage the season, and probably somebody's job.
  • On a related note, attendance is down across the Pac-10 this year, with only the Beavers and Huskies increasing receipts this season.  Oregon is down over 1200 fans a game, averaging a paltry 6727 fans/game on the season.  Not a great sign when you have to start filling a 12500 seat arena next season.
  • Finally, here is a list of recruits that the Ducks are targeting for mens basketball.  It'll be interesting to see what effect it has on recruiting (not to mention possibilities of transfers), if we decide to go in a new direction with the coaching staff after the season.

Also, I'll have a post up later this afternoon on the ATQ basketball meetup to take place during the 1/30 USC game.  As always, if you have additional quack to share, or just want to talk about how great that Dave guy is, this is your thread to do it.